Evans Lab

Zebra Fish Tank Lab


Build out of shell space for new faculty recruit in the Anderson Biological Laboratories Building. The researcher’s work is in evolutionary biology studying patterns of evolution using computation and light microscopy.

The project includes a Fish Room with aquariums and camera set up, a Beetle Room with a custom fabricated housing, a Scanner Room with a CT Scanner and dissection area and Lab Equipment Room. To enable future projects in the shell space without interruptions to the Evan’s Lab, the design team included the extension of MEP services into the adjacent spaces.


Rice University – Optics Lab


Build out of shell space for new faculty recruit in Space Science and Technology Building. The interdisciplinary research group is focused on the development and application of 3D single-molecule tracking and super-resolution imaging throughout mammalian cells. The goal of this research is to improve understanding of cellular function and pathogenesis to answer biophysical and biomedical questions related to aging and cancer.

The project includes an Optics lab with three cubicles requiring individual control, a cell culture lab and supporting wet lab space. The strict humidity control required an independent air handling system to be added to the existing systems.

Luna Genetics

Luna Genetics


Luna Genetics was founded in 2018 for the purpose of developing new technologies to capture fetal cells in maternal blood early in pregnancy and use advanced DNA analytic techniques to search for serious genetic abnormalities. This new start-up was looking for space quickly, with the option to move into permanent space as the company grew. Scientia assisted Luna Genetics with fitting out a temporary space to meet CLIA certification and CAP accreditation to perform diagnostic testing. Scientia designed a flexible plan with support rooms on a standard module to allow for changing processes over time. Due to the need to separate functions to meet clinical guidelines, the lab is designed as a series of flexible support rooms working off of a center spline of workstations. Sliding glass doors will allow light to penetrate to the interior support rooms. A new entry is created with glass doors with applied graphics. Offices to be designed to function as single or multiple person offices. Open write-up area outside office area allows natural light into tech area.

Projects 3

Rice University National Research Security Accelerator


Renovation of an existing lab to become a showcase facility at Rice University completed in August 2020. Services provided include feasibility study, laboratory planning & design, graphic design, interior design, and construction administration. The 3,000 SF renovation includes research space for a both an US Army Research Laser Lab and a Chemistry Research Lab. The purpose of the NRSA is to enable research of advanced materials and next-generation wireless networks and RF electronics.


Projects 2

TOH Research Institute


Functional Programming for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.  Supporting Agnew Peckham, Scientia is responsible for the programming of twenty laboratories, animal facilities and core support services.