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Strategizing your Facility Growth

1- Hour Continuing Education Course

Maximizing Resources in Design for Science – Laboratories are expensive to build and operate, fueled by requirements for safety and specialized equipment. One chemical fume hood uses the same energy as two average homes over a year.   And one must plan for agility to adapt for researcher and project growth or new projects and processes. Scientia Architects have developed a course that explores how to maximize resources and create safe, flexible and adaptable environments that increase efficiency, reduce waste and enhance collaboration. Learn the basics of laboratory and equipment programming and planning, as well as current trends to promote the most appropriate, cost-effective and energy-efficient design basis for modern labs. Cynthia reviews smart programming, casework options, codes and guidelines, as well as techniques to ensure that your lab equipment is in place and ready to use on opening day.

Course Agenda

  • Process and timelines for finding space and building it out
  • What makes lab space different than office space
  • Laboratory and workplace trends
  • Infrastructure considerations
  • Planning for equipment and casework
  • Costs and value decisions for your laboratory space investment

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